Ditch the j pole, get a real antenna they said!

I’ve still been spending a lot of time on VHF lately, and I was lucky enough to have a local ham lend me a Comet GP-3, and let me...

I’ve still been spending a lot of time on VHF lately, and I was lucky enough to have a local ham lend me a Comet GP-3, and let me just say, WHOA!

Why in the world would someone recommend the Arrow J pole over an antenna like the GP-3, I have no idea. They are sort of similar in footprint, the Diamond X-50 is even smaller, and both have similar performance.

Here’s a shot of the GP-3 mounted up on a vent pipe:

This is just a temporary solution to see how it performs while I test it out over the next few days, but so far i’ve been able to hit every repeater within a 50 mile radius easily, and every signal that’s came across the radio has peak signal strength compared to my Arrow J pole. Outstanding. Although this antenna is a bit more noticeable due to it’s location and height.
I think the j pole will be placed in the closet unfortunately. It was an ok antenna to start out with, although I wish I would have saved that $50 towards one of these antennas, i’ve heard it’s a good antenna to test out your rig with for some reason? Although if a new ham locally ever needs one, I think I know what i’ll be donating to a good cause!
Here was a shot of the j pole:
I had to mount it here because the arrow j pole only comes with one spot for one u bracket, and unfortunately that doesn’t provide support for ANY kind of wind situation. So lag bolts are holding it here.
I’m able to hit 17 more repeaters than I was before, I think that speaks for itself.
We’re slowly but surely getting there, i’ve had to focus and concentrate more on my antennas as of late due to the poor performance i’ve had on both HF & VHF.
I posted a tweet about the upcoming Houston hamfest, if there’s anyone going that might be interested in meeting up, please let me know! I’m considering going to the Houston one, as I figured it’d be a decent size hamfest to start out with & I just might find a good deal on a 2m rig for the vehicle.
I so wish I could make it to the Hamcation in Florida this year, but I really don’t feel like making the drive to the sunshine state anytime soon!
Here’s another local swap fest if your in the central Texas area:


Saturday, March 12, 2016 

8 am -Noon 

I might try to make it to this one as well, as its a bit closer to me! (It’s in Georgetown, TX – google it).
Today was unbelievably beautiful in Texas, hit 80 degrees today, sunny & a nice breeze. It was the perfect day to install the GP-3!
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