Elk Antennas 2m/440L5 Log Periodic Antenna

Introducing the Elk Log Periodic 2m/70cm antenna. Developed & designed by Ray – AG6SI & Pete – K6SHE, and now sold by Jim – AF6PU. The latest in my arsenal for portable...


Introducing the Elk Log Periodic 2m/70cm antenna. Developed & designed by Ray – AG6SI & Pete – K6SHE, and now sold by Jim – AF6PU. The latest in my arsenal for portable VHF/UHF operations – yet also a great option for a base station!

Why a log periodic? Well, with a Yagi – the further you get away from its resonant frequency – the gain decreases – a log periodic works a bit better in this area by maintaining that gain over a broader frequency range. Not only that – but I’m getting both bands (2m/70cm) in the same plane – very convenient and makes operating a breeze.


After perusing reviews on the internet for what seemed forever – I placed my order with Elk – and received the antenna 2 days later – quick! Thanks Jim! So as soon as I was able to assemble this bad boy, I had it up on a 1″ piece of regular PVC pipe that slipped right over the center pole of my tripod which reverses so you can take photos/video of stuff directly on the ground. – so not only will my tripod support my Mag Loop for portable ops, but my beam too! This allows me to get the elements up and away from the aluminum legs on the tripod.


Just testing it in the backyard above, I made a handful of -contacts with K5EEG, K5MSK, N5MDB, K5JM – nothing spectacularly far from my backyard on a tripod – the terrain in & around Austin is tough – you have the Texas Hill Country out to the West, the Jollyville Plateau up north and a whole other slew of large hills surrounding. Austin is almost like a bowl of sorts, luckily I live up near the edge of that ‘bowl’, but still without a tower, I know i’ll be hard pressed to get astonishing FM contacts – though time will only tell!

I’m quite impressed with the quality of the antenna – i’ve seen a few reviews that mention a negative critique of the PVC material (which is actually just part of the mounting hardware), but the PVC allows me to interchange it with the loads of different PVC adapters available for different mounting options! Right now i’m only concerned with being able to mount it vertically for FM use – I don’t have SSB capability for either of those bands. I was actually impressed with how quick I was able to setup the antenna – I think I have it down to about a minute out of the bag (which is also available through Elk).

I had a few hours to burn the other day and decided to take the antenna up to one of the highest points closest to my home QTH – Shovel Mountain, located out in Blanco County. This site is actually the closest SOTA site to my home – so I wanted to make a dry run out to this location to see if I could even access the site – and figured what better way to play than with the Elk & my Kenwood TM-V71A! A lightweight setup that I can easily throw in my backpack and take practically anywhere.

Checkout the short vid showcasing the trip – and a handful of contacts I made on 146.52…

Here’s a few pics I took along the way – the property was a vacant lot that was for sale – 122 acres – I absolutely fell in love with the land – maybe I should give the realtor a call? Its been a lifelong dream of mine to have a small ranch of sorts – I guess that’s what growing up in Texas does to you.


A rather unruly road that led all the way to the Summit – I suppose so RF techs can access the Tower!


EME anyone?

Old tattered windmill – possible future location for beam? lol

Stopping to enjoy the fresh air

Beautiful Texas Hill Country


Lower Colorado River Authority Tower atop the summit

Next on the list is Satellites – those are a bit more complicated – but i’m sure with a little bit of practice – there’s lots of fun to be had!

More to come on the Elk – as always – stay tuned for more exciting adventures!



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