First KX3 contacts

Usually when I work QRP, I’ve got to put my ‘Johnny be patient’ face on…. not today folks. Within the first few minutes of operating my KX3, I landed...

Usually when I work QRP, I’ve got to put my ‘Johnny be patient’ face on…. not today folks. Within the first few minutes of operating my KX3, I landed North Carolina & California from South Padre Island, TX! I was able to get close to the salt water this time, so maybe I got some of that salt water bump?!

First thing I noticed was the rattling from the speaker on the KX3 so I had to back off the AF & RF gain a bit. Today was just a rapid deployment (I had a whole 30 minutes to get this done, as we’re headed to see a few bands this afternoon!) while the ladies were out shopping, so decided to use the on-board speaker this go around while I filmed my first contacts with the KX3!

It was so hot out today, I had to bring the rig inside my wife’s Honda HRV, and I was a bit concerned I might have some QRM from the ignition system or another source – to my surprise, not a blip, then again i’m not connected electrically to the vehicle. In my Toyota Tacoma, it throws out so much RFI from the ignition system, even if i’m connected to an external battery! I can see my wife now – ‘no way your getting my vehicle!’ lol.


I just popped the coax through the window & turned the AC on full blast! The island was all but empty this morning from this weekends crowd. I’ve been coming to South Padre Island and the Texas coast since I was a little kid. It’s not the most gorgeous beach around – but this was my first chance to operate amateur radio directly from the waters edge.

I utilized the elevated 20m vertical again that I just used on my WWFF activation. I couldn’t get the galvanized pipe in more than about 6-8 inches though, luckily the radials came in handy by keeping the pole steady. I think i’m just about convinced on resonant antennas!



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