It’s meme Friday & SWL on the beach!

Oh Elecraft, you’ve really engineered a fine piece of equipment I must say. Being able to take this radio with me ANYWHERE is a big plus! Pretty soon i’ll...

Oh Elecraft, you’ve really engineered a fine piece of equipment I must say. Being able to take this radio with me ANYWHERE is a big plus!

Pretty soon i’ll be headed to the beach, and i’ll be taking my Elecraft with me and a good ole’ wire antenna! I’ve heard that operating on the beach can offer somewhat better results due to the conductivity of the salt water in the ground & in the air. I’m a bit nervous to get sand in the receiver, but i’ll be careful enough and probably keep it on my tailgate (there are certain areas along the Texas coast that allow you to drive & park on the beach). I really wish I could take a trip out to Big Shell, but unfortunately you must have a 4×4 vehicle to get out there. I posted a poll below to find out how most folks have their end fed wire antennas configured. What works for one person may not always work for another, but I’d rather start with tried and true methods. Once I pull that wire up in the tree, I’m really hoping not to have to take it down and readjust. I’ve also switched the rechargeable batteries from Lennar (found them at Fry’s) to Eneloop:

 The Lennars just weren’t holding a charge that long, I forgot to get slow discharge batteries, so i’ll have to open up the Elecraft case and swap these out. Don’t make the mistake of getting some off brand or cheap rechargeable battery (the Lennars were actually more than the Eneloops – but they had 2700 mAh of capacity). I had an old NiMH battery charger that I acquired while in the military (made by Rayovac?) that works great still. I’ll use this to charge my spare sets & leave a set in the Elecraft (is that safe?)

Edit (12/14/15): I’ve been thinking of upcoming trips, and do I really want to rely on QRP to enjoy the HF bands? I’m thinking I may even take my HF rig with me. We’ll be camping in an RV with some friends, they have no problem with me using the radio in their RV, I’m just not sure if the Astron power supply will draw too much power for a 30amp hookup, I’m guessing only if the A/C or heater were running, maybe even the refrigerator, not sure, i’ll have to find out that one too, geez so many questions!

Elecraft KX3
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  • Johnny Twist
    15 December 2015 at 12:56 PM

    Good point Will, maybe there's an outlet outside that I can plug directly into. I've usually seen where they'll have the 30 or 50 amp hookup, and then a 110v outlet in a weatherproof box next to it, but not all RV parks have those, keeping fingers crossed! Thanks for the comment!

  • william hyatt
    14 December 2015 at 11:49 PM

    You'll be fine with the power supply. It may only draw 10-15 amps at max output current. Most RV's run the heater, refrigerator and lights off of 12 volts anyway.

    Be careful though, the sometimes noisy converters used to keep the batteries up in the camper will be running any time you are plugged into AC power. If the converter/charger is noisy you may not like operating inside the camper very much.