Making the difficult switch to a different logging program!

I swear… Logging will be the bane of my existence. I’ve bounced around trying programs here and there, including MacLoggerDX, N1MM, HRD, DXKeeper, and now my venture has led...

I swear… Logging will be the bane of my existence. I’ve bounced around trying programs here and there, including MacLoggerDX, N1MM, HRD, DXKeeper, and now my venture has led me to Log4OM. I’ve previously been using MacLoggerDX for all of my logging needs, but then I realized, that’s ALL I use my Mac computer for! What a waste. So I handed the slow & sometimes finicky iMac mini back to my wife for her exploration! I don’t use a fancy computer by any means, my primary PC is a 9 year old desktop that’s been upgraded (and repaired, lol) over the years. I also wanted to have the same logging program on my Windows laptop which I use for portable/mobile use. Well, that just wasn’t possible with MLDX. Who knows, I might bounce back to it one day. For now Log4OM has become my choice except for one tiny problem I’m still having with it (more later).

I love MacLoggerDX. I really do. It’s such a nice software, albeit the $99 pricetag. It’s worth it though. Comes with great support! I’m having to make the switch because as much as I like having two separate computers at my operating position, I wanted to simplify things a bit. Windows dominates in the world of ham radio. Period. There’s no getting around that. Virtualization just isn’t good enough for me. Not with latency & lag issues already inherent in SDR applications and the like.  Not to mention, Virtualization IMHO just complicates things even further. I won’t get into the Windows/Mac fight here, but there’s no arguing that especially for SDR applications, I think a user would be much more satisfied with their options on a Windows machine at this point. (I know you Mac users are cringing!) I’ve had the past year to experiment with both, and I must say I’ve gotten a lot more ROI (return on investment) from my Windows machine & having fun w/ ham radio!

To add to the mix, I also had to download the N3FJP Winter Field Day software (which is specifically for WFD), so now here I am learning two different software programs this month! I’ve only been using Log4OM for about a week now, but thus far I’m pretty impressed with the user interface. Simple, uncluttered, and looks great!


Now I have one machine that does it all. Logging. Digital Modes. SDR Applications. Screen Casting. You name it. It was almost refreshing to declutter my workstation a bit, though now I’m having to reconfigure everything, almost complete, except I can’t get JTAlert to log my WSJT-X QSO’s into Log4OM. I keep getting a Port 8001 error. I’ve tried disabling antivirus/firewall and even tried running as administrator, still no dice. I’ve reached out to the Log4OM forum seeking assistance. Then again… it could just be operator error, :P.

In my opinion, a logging program should be so easy to use, you barely recognize it’s there. May sound a bit silly, but I don’t want anything getting between me & the contact I’m trying to make. Including fiddling constantly with software. I was able to import my .adif file easily enough into the program.  A whopping 600 QSO’s! Hopefully 2017 will be a better year & i’ll have more operating time! A review will follow after I’ve sorted out the kinks and had a chance to use the software for a bit, so stay tuned!



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