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I’ve had such blast getting into the whole YouTube creator thing! My biggest inspiration – no joke, was probably Casey Neistat. I’ve been following him for awhile – such an...

I’ve had such blast getting into the whole YouTube creator thing! My biggest inspiration – no joke, was probably Casey Neistat. I’ve been following him for awhile – such an original creator. His content is just absolutely mesmerizing! It literally just draws you in… and unfortunately started another ‘potentially’ expensive hobby for me, lol! (Definitely his addiction for Drones – I see a DJI Phantom shortly in my future).

But it doesn’t have to be expensive – at least not until you’ve reached a substantial subscriber amount, and then by that point, well by gosh, it’s just necessary to become a professional! ha!

Most importantly, I try to focus on content, and being original. ‘Doing my own thing’ as some would call it, and not my gear. I try to create better and better videos each time, with content that I put my own spin on. You can have a lot of fun with not a lot of gear! I’m almost upto 400 subs, how cool!



The low-down on my high-tech setup 😉 – Canon Vixia HF R700, GoPro Hero Session 5, Kodak Playsport ZX5, Blue Microphone, Audio-Technica AT2020, Audio Technica ATR3350, & some DIY lighting (with parchment paper!)! 4k video is just too processor intensive still for me, so for me it’s all about getting a nice 1080p video. I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to process 4k video, but if you have, then you probably understand the frustration! As far as software goes – iMovie! I’ve yet to venture into any complicated video editing software, but iMovie has been absolutely fantastic!

I’ve never really been the type that likes to carry a huge camera around, so up until recently, and the introduction of these ‘micro-cameras’ like the GoPro Session, I wasn’t too interested in them. Cameras are becoming smaller and smaller each year – I commend companies like GoPro who take the next leap (sometimes a costly leap!) to push the market to a higher standard (and smaller size). 

The Canon Vixia HF R700 is perfect because it’s that quality 1080p picture i’m looking for when i’m not in an action or moving type scenario. The GoPro Session 5? The only thing I have to complain about it is the battery life – it sucks. For such a small camera though (I can usually squeeze about 40-45 minutes) it’s not bad. You can plug an external battery into it and use it while its charging which i’ve had to do multiple times. It will most likely be the camera that goes up on my first High Altitude Balloon (HAB). The ZX5 has been my grab and go camera since the beginning of time (ok, maybe 8-9 years, I really can’t remember when I purchased this thing). The Blue Microphone has been a long time winner, especially with podcasters, just produces such nice sound, especially for a USB mic! The Audio Technica AT2020 is starting to collect dust. It has such a large sensitive receive diaphragm that its better suited for acoustically tuned rooms and studios that are acoustically treated. The ATR3350 lavelier mic is great for instructional videos or interviews, though i’ve managed to leave the on switch multiple times, and these little watch batteries aren’t cheap!

Definitely not pro equipment, but not your drug store special either. I think as your skill in producing/editing movies increases, naturally you want the equipment that matches your skill, at least that’s how i’ve seen most independent creators progress. I’ve watched YouTube go through ups and downs, but it has generally always been a place where creativity and originality are king. It’s funny how getting into one hobby, I discovered another that I never thought i’d enjoy!




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