RPi R.I.P. 2015-2017

I think overheating and being in an RF environment might have taken its toll on my RPi3...

I think overheating and being in an RF environment might have taken its toll on my RPi3. Direwolf (TNC software) doesn’t put too large of a load on the v3, but found the cpu chip inside to be sizzlin’ hot! The CPU was consistently crashing after the RPi would be on for a few minutes with Direwolf running and was giving me all kinds of weird displays of color on the monitor. In order to install my TAPR WSPR 20 meter board on the old RPi, I had to remove the heatsink because the TAPR 20m WSPR board will not fit on the Pi without the heatsink removed. Overheating is an issue inherent in most RPi’s & usually a heat sink can fix the job. I figured a metal enclosure with a small fan should fix that issue, and so far it’s working great. The fan is barely noticeable, and the CPU hasn’t crashed once in several weeks now. Found the case – you guessed it, on Amazon.


Hopefully this new one won’t die as quick, otherwise I’m just having a bad run of electronic luck right now, lol. I also enjoy running my APRS iGate on the Pi, but only if I’m using low(er) power to do it! Running an iGate contributes to the VHF Tropo Maps that I check religiously throughout the week observing for any 2 meter openings that might warrant a quick trip up to the shack! It also helps alleviate the APRS congestion we have in a major metropolitan city.

RPi’s are becoming a more popular item in the shack I’ve seen lately. Everything from running WSJT-X to running SDR Software! To be honest… even if you have no Linux skills whatsoever, it’s easy to get up and running with a Raspberry Pi. Tons of tutorials & videos online that will help you get up and running. Here’s a useful YouTube video by user Jordan Rubin that I used on getting my first RPi I-Gate setup! He does a much better job explaining it than I ever could have… my Linux skills don’t extend very far.



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  • BillS
    12 June 2017 at 9:34 PM

    Thank you for the info and for the link to the Youtube video on the iGate setup. Time for me to go case and fan shopping. AG5DG.